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Originally Posted by talli View Post
So I was at a girls night dinner a few weeks ago, and somehow I ended up bringing up this episode. I thought it was so funny. The two women who had kids didn't think so. They were truly horrified at the thought that Keith and Chris would even pretend to do such things.

Lesson learned: know your audience.

However, a few days earlier, I had sent the link to this guy I know, he and his wife are having a baby (any day now actually.) Their first child. So they're going to all of these birthing and parenting classes. He had been getting himself kicked out of the classes though as he is the one to ask inappropriate questions. So I sent him the link telling him that it's all you need to know about taking care of a baby. He RT'd it, and I hope that he'll be a new KatG fan (haven't talked to him much since, so I'm not sure if he's looked more into the show.)

Still one of my favorite KatGTV episodes. Can't wait for the Cook Off episode (that's supposed to be an episode, right?)
There's two cookoff episodes in the can (burger-off and chili-off)...just waiting on post production. I expect the hot dog eating contest will be shot soon.
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