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Originally Posted by Casanova Frankenstein View Post
Great episode. Keith would be great in ANY burger commercial, the perfect pitchman.

Roses - LMAO.

Are the recipes posted anywhere? Jonesing for burgs big time.
Here's the recipe for my burger.

The meat is 1/3 beef chuck, 1/3 beef sirloin, and 1/3 lamb shoulder. I ground it myself in a food processor.

The patties were exactly 5oz...weighed on my coke scale.

They were cooked on the grill for two minutes per side, two times...for a total of 8 minutes. I used the instant-read probe thermometer to check that they reached my desired internal temperature of 135F. The burgers were then rested for five minutes.

The toppings were shredded smoked gouda and a white truffle mayo. The mayo I made myself.

The bun was a chibatta roll that I toasted on the grill.
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