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This shit always happens when circumcision comes up. First, a cock looks stupid whether or not its cut, in aesthetic terms it's just one of the most ridiculous apendages sported by any species (see McNally's comics for further illumination on this subject). Second, a circumcised cock is naturally easier to maintain, it should go without saying. But third, as long as a gentleman has access to running water and soap his cock's health may be maintained to a level equal to any other circumcised, impaled or deformed-by-unstreetwise-masturbatory-methods cock, with very little effort. In developed countries it's not the circumcisedness or uncircumcisedness of the cock that decides its healthiness, it's whether the gentleman in charge is a retard.

Mine smells like lavender and, according to Beyonce and Sharon Stone, tastes like rainbows and dreams.
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