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I turned away from the monitor for a second and didn't notice the cut that happens in the middle of Jesse saying, "One could argue it's my uncle's fault but ... I'm a little sick of the British." Knowing the track record of Jesse/UK relations it works so well as a classic bad-segue-out-of-faux-awkward-moment situation, especially with Keith laughing his ass off at it. It wasn't till I rewound to witness Jesse's brilliance with my eyeballs that I noticed the time skip eight minutes ahead in the middle of it, such is the perfection of the timing of that edit.

Maybe that was a fluke and McNally got lucky with it but considering how many times Keith and Chemda have big-upped McNally's comedy editing chops I'm going to go right ahead and say, "Nice job McNally, reeeeeeeal niiiiice."

I also loved how Pat came right out with a dig at Jesse's stand up artistry pretend-framed as a compliment. LOVED IT!!!
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