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Finished playing the last episode of "Talkes of Monkey Island", "Rise of The Pirate God.


As a whole the series is One of the best games of the year, and on the level with the most classic adventure games. The puzzles are great, creative and engaging (with that weird edge that the early Lucas masterpieces had). The graphics are simple but great (Guybrush has some of the most emotional animations he has ever had in the series).

And mostly, the story is great. It's fun but makes the characters three-dimensional.- You play the game because it's engaging and catchy, but behind the challenges there is some emotional pull that reminds me of "Grim Fandango" or "Le Chuck's revenge".

And kudos to Dominic D'Armato, that should be rewarded with Mark Hamill for showing that you can actually do some ACTING work in a game. Guybrush never was as weridly compelling as he is in this game. Bravo.

In my top 5.
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