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XBOX USERS: Marvel vs Capcom 2 is 560 points today only on Xbox Live (usually over 1200ish). Instabuy, I used to play this all the time on my Dreamcast.

Originally Posted by rhesusattack View Post
Not to usurp standardman or anything, but the Steam Holiday Sale is up I just noticed. Already I've purchased S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl for $1.99. I hope it's good? And I'm still browsing for more stuff to pick up.
The Steam Holiday Sale

Oh, and by the way, Steam now has Beyond Good & Evil for $4.99. I knew I should have waited.
Ah, such is the Christmas period.

Hehe I was wondering if you guys would get to it before me when I saw it before work.


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Anyone who enjoys Fallout 3 (and has a PC) should check out STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl - it's a harsher game and a rougher one but when used with the STALKER COMPLETE mod, it's one of the most atmospheric games ever made and a personal favourite.

Here's a montage from the first and (not as good) second game:

I love just wandering around in this game.
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It was an (extremely) rough diamond on release but the patches (patch up to 1.005) and the COMPLETE mod fix almost everything and bring a 2004 game up to date, while keeping the feel of the original. I used the mod as an excuse to play it all again and it was like a new game.

For later playthroughs, there's a mod called Oblivion Lost, which is a complete overall, making everything even harsher and less predictable, while adding some nice touches.

You can find it really cheap these days and you'll get a lot of play out of it.
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