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I met this girl right after I moved to Austin in July, pretty, kind of a hippie. She had a little bit of weight on her and wasn't the hottest on this planet but I was lonely and kinda fell right into the whole thing. Anyway, we got along and then started seeing each other. After three months of us dating she told me she loved me, and I thought I loved her too, kind of silly looking back but at the time it made some sort of sense. A month later while I was at work she moved all her stuff in. We lived together until the beginning of March and she did nothing but sat on her ass and maybe cleaned the apartment once a month. Never had a job, paid no bills, and complained any time I asked her to do ANYTHING while I was out making money to support her sorry ass, but decided she would give me shit when I would cook and not wash the frying pan right away. We never fought, which she loved, but I hated because we couldn't have a serious conversation without her getting upset/crying. Then she started culinary school and it gave me a lot of time to think about all the shit that pissed me off.

I got tired of it, and one night while she was at school I packed all her shit up and split with her. She is still trying to come over every single day, and if she does she complains about how shitty her life is now, how she doesn't have any friends, blah blah blah, to the point where I just get pissed again and tell her to leave.

Ah well, I guess it's my own fault. Hoping I won't make that mistake again.
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