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Originally Posted by DWarrior View Post
ok, so finish the story. Did you finally start asking chicks out and are now living happily ever after?
I just stopped there because that was the only part relevant to what I was commenting on.
Did I start asking, yes. It wasn't one of those things where I just sucked it up and did it though. The first few relationships were with women that asked me out. I guess from there just getting a little confidence and age I got a thicker skin. Now my feeling is, like me or don't like me, I don't care.

Here's one funny story from the period where I was still unsure of how to react to things. So, I'm in a bar, it's kind of crowded and I'm standing along the wall (wallflower). This girl comes over and just starts kissing me. I don't remember what went through my head, but I just stood there not doing anything for like 20-25 seconds. She stopped, looked at me and walked away. It was weird. When I think about it now I think of the UK tv series Peep Show, there's an episode where Mark is in a supply closet with this chick and she starts grinding her ass into him and his inner monologue is "Does she know what she's doing? Just stand still like a statue. It can't count as a sexual harrassment if you stand still like a statue."
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