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Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
Anyone remember NBA Jam and how it was probably the best basketball game ever made (IMO)? Well, it's getting rebooted for the Wii and EA is holding a contest for your catchphrase to be put into the game if you win.

Contest: NBA JAM Boomshakalaka | Facebook

They need submissions for the following plays: Dunks, assists, alley oops, blocks, three pointers, regular field goals, "on fire" shots, steals, shot clock violations, rebounds and misses. Sixty-four finalists will be chosen and then paired off for voting, tournament-bracket style, to arrive at four winners.

You'll have to click the "Like" button in order to access the entry page.
I got a Genesis for $7 a few months ago, and since then me and my friend have played SO much NBA Jam. God I can't wait for this reboot.
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