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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Yeah I was stating it as my general fear of abusive game developers, not so much as an insult towards Starcraft2.
Precisely; your post reeked of that. You have the intolerable internet resident impulse to take up arms about something - anything - with knowledge of the situation or the lack thereof notwithstanding.

Blizzard is a company that has historically always (ALWAYS) provided its customers with higher value products than its competitors at the same price. If a company like that sets off your "Let's Rant About the Evil Corporations Fucking the Fans" trigger, your subsequent frothing at the mouth obviously wasn't caused by any particular external stimulus.
Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
That's my BOB! I dont even eventually agree or disagree. It's just good to see you here and in top form too!

Love ya man! (Totes hetero)
I'm like Lord Flashheart: you do the bulk of the job and are vastly more important to the organization, and then I dash in with a loud proclamation of my manliness, bonk my enemies over the head, and then run out of the room with a lady over my shoulder, leaving everybody to marinate in their amazement.
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