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Ok, so I still cant put down "The Ballad of Gay Tony". I completed the 25 drug war missions and they are "Ok" kind of repetitious when done in a row. I would suggest spreading them out between other missions. I moved on to the parachute challenges; and im surprised at how much fun they are.

Im afraid to say this, because I think I will hate myself and change my mind later, but.... If I got into a "who is the best Sandbox game developer" debate: Bethesda or Rockstar... I might choose team Rockstar, especially now with Red Dead in the Cannon.

The idea of having this debate has me compulsively fantasizing about the prospect of a Morrowind 5/Oblivion 2 (is that officially announced even?).

<3 Sandbox games

Speaking of sandbox, anyone else planning on getting crackdown 2? My gf and I system link the first one every once in a while. Cant decide if were both gonna plop down 60$ each for a new iteration of that.
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