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Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
Isn't the new 360 basically just a prettier old one? I have a feeling that if I was a videogame journalist I wouldn't give a shit if I got a free one.
Its pretty much the Xbox 360 that would have been made if they didn't rush their original design phase.

Internal Hard-Drive, Wifi (cant believe this wasnt inside the original), Whisper quiet fans/disc drive, and all three outputs (HDMI, Compos, optical out) are 3 separate connections. I have had this problem since for some crazy reason my tvs optical out stopped working and since I use HDMI, I have no optical output to use anymore.

Of all the Kinect-natal bullshit, the one that seemed the coolest game would be the Rockband dance game. IF it works well and actually challenges you to dance accurately. It could be fun for parties, exercise and humiliation.
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