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Watch those spoilers Rawn. I love how the change the colours used in the level to affect your mood in that sequence.


Speaking of Bioshock, the first is 25% off EDIT: NOW 50% OFF ON DIRECT2DRIVE! 10 $/ and second game is 43% off (19.95) on Gamer's Gate. Might be cheaper in some ye olde plastic disc stores but it's not a bad asking price for one modern classic and well designed sequel.

Command on Conquer 4 is 19.95 on there too. Has to be online to play, though.

The first Condemned is only 2.50 on Direct2Drive. I have the console version and it's scary simulation of Manchester after midnight.

The Tex Murphy games are on sale on GOG. 50% off the collection or 30% off each game.

With apologies to Junk, Lost Planet is cheap on Impulse, just 6.49 for a pretty ok Japanese game.

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