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The main thing I dislike about GameFly is how long I have to wait to get my games. Unlike Netflix, where I usually get my movies within a business day or two (at worst) I end up waiting at least 5 days after I send a game in for a game to come back to me...also I'm paying about $25 a month, to basically have in my possession at most 4 games, because I don't have much time to play them.

I say 4, because that's assuming I don't really care for some of the games I end up renting....I know tons of people (at least when I was younger) would brag about beating w/e game in a day...I've never beat a game in less than a couple weeks. I just am not the kind of person who can invest 20 hours of my day into a video game on a regular basis. I at least need the whole month if I want to seriously beat a game....I mean, it might be a good deal if I just wanted to try out a bunch of games...but I also prefer to own games.

I rather buy, and own, 3 games...than rent, never finish, and not own 10, ya know?

I'm just paying $25 dollars a month for a service I don't really enjoy. I rather just buy some used games and be happier.

It's not a terrible service in itself, just not right for me, and I hate that I have to wait so damn long for a game.
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