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It's a pretty good game. It definitely wishes it were God of War, but it's not and that's okay. It's kinda/sorta based on Dante's Inferno, duh...which is pretty wicked. The visuals, the different levels of hell and the minions and firey-bat things....all the enemies and what not...everything just looks really cool. I like the "Holy" and "Unholy" moves...the idea of "absolving" your enemies is neat. I'm not very far into the game, maybe 1/5 or 1/4 but I'm enjoying it. I've heard mixed reviews from people...

Some say it's shit, some it's okay, some it's great.

I'd give it a 7, I wouldn't pay $50 for it (but I'm also a broke college student and wouldn't pay $50 for almost anything)...but if you don't mind the money, or if you can play it by renting or's definitely worth a try.

You can get a free demo, if you haven't played it. It's pretty much the very first 15 minutes of gameplay of the game..or so.
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