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Team Fortress 2 - 4.75 \ $6.79 The greatest multiplayer class-based shooter ever made but you already own it, right?
X-COM Complete - 2.24 \ $3.74 Original is by far the best (and a must play) but it's worth grabbing them all at this price.
Grand Theft Auto IV - 4.99 \ $4.99 is what it is. the movie making thing is fun.
Commandos Collection - 3.00 \ $3.75 Three great games for a pound each!
Street Fighter IV - 7.49 \ $9.99 actually a very good port, not sure I'd play a fighting game on pc, though
Numen: Contest of Heroes - 4.24 \ $7.49 no idea
Osmos - 1.74 \ $2.49 brilliant, suprisingly complex yet smoothing puzzle game. Makes me think of Sagan.
ARMA II - 12.49 \ $19.99 Great game, not a great price.

Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
I've bought:

Ben There, Dan That!
Clive Barker's Jericho
Ghost Master
Lead and Gold
Civilization III: Complete
Time Gentlemen, Please!

I've tried them all except for Jericho and Time Gentlemen.
I got really into Half-Life a lot quicker than Half-Life 2, to be honest, while I never got very far in HL2, I just wasn't feeling it most of the time...I felt lost and pissed off at not knowing what I was supposed to do...but I really like HL.

I WANT TO PLAY MORE LEAD AND GOLD, but I'm using my neighbor's wifi, and so I can't really play...

Civ 3 is so win...I used to play it all the time when I was in middle school or whatever.
Ghost Master is fun! Way overlooked and it's super cheap at the moment. I've been dying to pick up Lead and Gold, the sale was all the excuse I needed

Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
The game goes close at one of the many good points of Arkham: It succeeds at making you feel what it's like to be Riddick.
Twist my arm and break it off!
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