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Originally Posted by McNally View Post
Hey, if you need comic books, Strange Adventures is the best comic book having place in Halifax! I used to work at the Fredericton branch. The guy who runs it is named Cal -- If you tell him I sent you he'll politely pretend that I was a good employee. He's nice like that.
Quoted for truth!

I lived in Halfax (well....Bedford) for 5 years, and it's a great place. And of all the comic book shops in the area, Strange Adventures is the best. Very cozy and cramped, in the good way. I bought a few figures there, some signed comics, etc, and my brother won a contest there some years back and got some Venom statue. Once my card was declined, and the clerk just said "meh, pay next time you're here". Very nice people.

I hope this meetup happens, it's nice to know there's enough fans way out east for one.
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