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Deadbeat Hero - The New Doctor Sleep

This is how this cuntface talks about women via PM. All because he PMed my girlfriend to ask if there was a show today despite there being numerous resources made available to ALL fans of the show. Her reply stated this, his reply back was a list of digs about physical appearance so I PMed him in response to that. Again, nothing but physical appearance digs.

Then this retarded (he's blind) motherfucker has the balls to threaten rape.

"I have programs on my computer to help me and my sons help me. I looked on the website and on itunes and the show was not up yet that is why I asked. My son told me who was online and she was the only name I recognized. That is why I had him ask. I thought it would be the easiest way to find out. There was no need for her to be a douche.

I love surprises. So I will totally ignore what you said and call your bluff. Bring it. I'll ask you the same thing Keith did, if he is such a dick then why listen or come on the forums? And for blu, I might just go to BC and rape her mouth. You've been warned!

You've made a mistake, newbie.

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