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Originally Posted by DeadbeatHero
I pretty sure Keith doesn't like you so I'm sure he won't help you. You send those screenshots to whomever and I guess I will be waiting with anticipation. I'm also pretty sure that Keith, Stanhope, Dice, etc. have all made rape jokes, and they seem yo be ok. Like I said, bring it on, and I'll keep making my rape jokes. Be careful or you maybe raped by a dingo or koala, or something like that.
Ok you cunt douche, I'm done PMing you. You want to threaten rape, do it out in the open and not hiding behind PMs.

Firstly dumbfuck, comedians JOKING about rape is very different to threatening that you will go to her location and rape her.

Second, Keith may not like me (I don't care) but I'm sure neither Keith or any of the other forum moderators want assholes like you throwing threats of rape around their forums.

Lastly, hacky Australian references? Please.. I've heard them all.

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