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Originally Posted by evadwolrab View Post
You went in a bit strong with the whole "mess with her, mess with me cunthead". That said I haven't seen the PMs he sent to her. If he wasn't being too much of a dick with her in the first place, I'd say you started it.
Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Is saying to a girl

"judging by your picture, you're a fat bitch pig that probably smells of shit. Fuck you, it was a simple yes or no answer"

not being a dick?

I would punch somebody for much less, even if it was just a friend of mine and not my girl.
Junk's post.. yes. She read me the reply he send her, what I sent him was polite considering the reply he sent her. She told him to check all the appropriate sources, he told her not to be a cunt and then berated her with physical appearance slams based solely upon her avatar.

Be deserved my response. Had I lived in bumfuck Kansas City, he'd have been paid a visit and considering he's basically blind, he wouldn't have seen the hammer coming.