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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
There has never been a good Anime. Don't lie to people.
List of not good but great anime

Cowboy Bebop
when a certain character leaves the ship you feel like you lost a friend

You feel for the characters when they are put in impossible positions and have to survive only to have to go through something worse

Ghost in the shell
Amazing world building and character development

Ninja Scroll
amazing action and story telling Hollywood has been tiring to make a live action movie of this anime for years

Howls moving castle
shit man even my 63 year old southern grandma likes this one

Evangelion 1.1 you are (not) alone

Awesome anime boy with father issues have to pilot giant cyborg (its not but if i tell u what it is it will ruin it for you or others)
to save the world from Angels (yes like Christan god angels....though they don't have wings and look like men on roids) This one also has a series but the series gets kind fucked toward the end so watch the movie versions part one named in bold above is already out part to is on torrent sites.

the list goes on and on
but what it really comes down to is if u ar willing to give anime a try if u think because its animated its for kids and already have the opinion that its dumb then cool don't watch but i think u are missing out.
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