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... am I the only one here with the Nexus One?

I jumped from iPhone to it and will never look back. Not planning on rooting it, using LauncherPro Plus with beautiful widgets, Listen for podcasts (which is a little wonky, but more than serviceable). The only things I miss about the iPhone are the keyboard (though, SmartKeyboard is damn near close to being as good), a few of the games, and the battery life.

That said, I really wish more companies wouldn't be afraid of launching a phone without all that custom UI bullshit. Vanilla Android is so customizable, I just feel like anything layered on top is pretty much someone telling you "yeah, you'll probably want this shit, too". Or, at least the option to turn it off.

Also- tethering, native to my phone now. Fucking awesome, but haven't used it once.

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