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Originally Posted by doctorsleep View Post
While cleaning up a bunch of stuff I cam across my old Game Boy Advance

So after digging up some old games I have running though Double A-s (The thing doesn't even have an AC adapter port )

Metroid:Zero Mission
Sword of Mana
Sonic Adventure

Most of all though, I have being going crazy with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, the original Final Fantasy tactics is probably my favorite game of all time, and while this is a spiritual sequel (No ties to the original other then the system of play) and is really just a diluted version of the original (game play and story wise) I still love it.
Bro, I fucking loved Final Fantasy tactics, I think as a kid I played through it 10 times, such a good game. The DS sequel isn't as good, but it's still fun. If you liked tactics you should defiantly play Fire emblem.
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