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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
I had Gamefly for a while, but I thought the return rate was horribly slow. I only had 2 games out at a time, but that alone was nearly $30. I'm not sure I'd ever go back to their service. Besides, while my gaming may be limited to my funds, I still like buying games and owning them....ya know?

I hear the game of the year edition is 3D...has anyone played that? How much cooler is it in 3D? Or should I just stick with regular? (and probably save about $10)
I agree the time it takes for your new game to come to you is sometimes longer than it should be i expect a 3 day turn around if i put my game in the mail Monday i expect to be playing my new game on Thursday and most of the time that's what happens. When it doesn't i report the game lost so they will speed things up.

As far as the 3d i think its a gimmick i mean are you really gonna wear paper glasses as u play? my guess is probably not.
I bought Coraline on blue ray and it came with 3d glasses and i haven't used them yet.
The game is amazing on its own i don't think 3d is going to make it better. Besides the real reason you buy a game of the year edition is because you get all the down-loadable content for free. So you get any map packs, new missions etc. for less than you would if you had bought it when it came out and then bought all the extra content.
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