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Other than music, I tend not to download things I can easily just buy.
I'm always low on cash, but I rather spend it on something entertaining, and something I can physically own...(like a book, comic, video game) than something that doesn't last (going to the movies, a theme park, tickets to something not so cool)

After reading some of those old comics on my computer, I'd easily say I rather read a real comic, it's cooler to have and less straining on the eyes than my shiny screen. Downloading I just figured would be the easiest way to access some of the series and perhaps harder to find issues...I mean, I don't know much about comics, but I assumed (since Detective Comics go back like 80 years) that the early issues aren't easy to find, but I might be dead wrong about this.

But to keep this game-related.
I finally beat The Collector's section of LBP...damn that took me a while.
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