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This is the first game I'm playing on my newly purchased Xbox and I love it. From what I understand it got a bunch of perfect scores but wasn't a huge seller.

The guys who made it clearly just took all the games they loved before and mashed them together.
  • You can lock onto targets in a widescreen mode and hit them with a boomerang like Zelda.
  • You can juggle with a sword/gun and purchase new combos like Devil May Cry.
  • You can use finishing moves by pressing the button at the right time like God of War.
  • And as you get new tools (hookshot, giant gauntlet, etc) you can go back to old areas and find new secrets like Metroid (this one someone explained to me, I've never played Metroid so don't quote me on this)
So far, great game. I'm past the second dungeon. I'd say that it takes till about the first dungeon to get good but now I'm hooked.
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