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I have a guilty pleasure for crappy/generic Japanese RPG's

Whenever I want a new game but don't have the money for a new title and are just looking for something enjoyable to play, I go to game stop and search the used under $15 bin for anything with anime characters on the cover. The more cliche and unoriginal the better

Mana Khemia:Alchemist of Al-revis

To my surprise the game is actually one of those rare hidden jems, very fast and deep combat system and an Alchemy system (mixing items and materials to get new items and weapons) that is very fun and lets you do things like experiment different ingredients with different recipes to try and create new items.

And it has pretty funny writing (I'm usually laughing once per cut scene) but the sense of humor is highly based in anime high school comedy so its not for everyone.

and unlike most games like this battles actually take strategy and the game actually has a challenge, you can't just grind you way to being strong enough to kill anything, you can only become so strong with the materials that are available too you at the point in the game you are in.
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