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I find the best reviews are the angry 1 star Amazon spams or Metacritic.
Using COD4 or 5 or whatever the last one was as an example, IGN gave it over a 9 across all platforms. Despite having better graphics and vastly better controls, the PC version was intentionally crippled and grossly overpriced. These two things weigh much heavier in my mind. Readers giving it a 2-4 was a much more accurate review, even though they mainly focused on the consolized multiplayer.

Same goes for DRM. I buy games to enjoy. If I'm annoyed in the slightest during an install, reinstall, or "activation", I usually won't buy the game. I don't want even the possibility of not being able to play anytime I want, on any system, with or without being online. A 9 star/point game that annoys me drops to a 1 star in a heartbeat.

These things tend to focus more on PC games rather than consoles, since I think PC gamers are much more aware when we have something taken away or charged for out of the blue.

Besides PC Gamer, anyone know of a real gaming site that doesn't have their head up their asses with reviews? I used to like Gametrailers, but they've been going down the tubes in the last couple years.
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