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Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
When I think of what a "coward" is I think of people who have options, but instead turn to the quickest and easiest means of getting out of a tough situation. Except in some very extreme cirumstances there ARE other options, so suicde to me is indeed cowardly.
Really, all this does is demonstrate that you don't understand suicide. Many times people kill themselves because it is the solution. I think you're just imagining whiners who attempt suicide. Those people kill themselves by accident; its not really in their interests to pull the trigger.

Many suicides are the solution. Genuine depression isn't synonymous with whining about the state of one's life; it's a chemical sickness of the brain that makes living itself painful and unbearable. People kill themselves so that their brain will finally stop whirring.

Also, it's kind of messed up that you describe killing one's self as "quick and easy".
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