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Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
When I think of what a "coward" is I think of people who have options, but instead turn to the quickest and easiest means of getting out of a tough situation. Except in some very extreme cirumstances there ARE other options, so suicde to me is indeed cowardly.
I never get if you're really so emotionless or you're just acting.

Have you ever been seriously depressed or dealt with someone who was really, utterly and completely destroyed by something in their life?

Suicide ISNT a solution. But it ISNT cowardly or easy. And i'm speaking about actual suicide, planned and succesful. Not the light cries for help that some emo teenager sommits popping a few pills or cutting their wrists the wrong way. I'm talking about people who are in such a mental state of suffering, that makes every second of life so miserable and unbearable that clear thinking is impossible. Or that are in such physical pain that death would seem like a logical way to stop it.

I think that anyone that says that depression or suicide are cowardly/spineless/easy/pussy stuff is either an asshole (or pretending to be one) or is so well adjusted and ina pretty cozy life that they think everything can be solved easily.
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