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Originally Posted by Blitzgal View Post
Gross, his insistence at mispronouncing her name wasn't even the most offensive part. It was when he said her name was appropriate because she's Indian and went off on some tangent about walking on mucky streets. What an utter asshole.
Completely disgusting. And to make fun of a name in private is completely different from doing it in the way he did it. And he had to add-on some racism for good measure.

You guys need to watch "adult videos" made by Viv Thomas. Seriously, some of the best films I've seen, and they tend to include elements that both men and women would enjoy. It's of the biggest companies that has a huge fan following of females as well. A lot of the women are beautiful (they're European; much better than North American), there are a few actresses who can actually act, and some of them are currently in or have been in relationships with the people they do scenes with. They have some films with behind-the-scenes where you can see how much interaction a lot of the models have with each other on a daily basis, and how much some of them are involved in the business (not the case for all of them, of course, but watch a couple and you'll see what I mean).

Great discussions and guests on the show today.

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