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[QUOTE=LArciniega;674361]This mother fuckers killing hobos for spare parts and any actual trained fighter that come in--Boom! he's stealing their bodies and fuses them to the robots. This is how terminators started out. QUOTE]

YES! This geek is probably already being controlled by the robots. He is in league with these demons. Good point. He never did say how he would guarantee the poor saps safety in case they start going ballistic. This ass is running a one stop human chop shop. YEA, why is he building realistic androids anyway?!?

Is he being contracted by the gov. or something?!?! I think not. He is building a cyborg army, so he can put them in society, and fuck us up. You'll meet the girl of your dreams, have great conversation take her back home, start to get it on, and Whamm!! She is blowing you, but her mouth starts turning into a grinder. Humans should not have to go through this situation.

When you meet people now, put a magnet to their skin. Doesn't stick, your in the clear. HUAR!!! HUAR!!! HUAR!!!
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