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Originally Posted by hercircus View Post
Tonight I'm doing a fundraiser for Extra Life
Yay for Extra Life! I was sad when the podcast ended. I had been listening to Scott since way back when he recorded solo and had those hilarious bloopers from his voice over work at the end of shows.

As for the rest, I sigh whenever I hear about another Medal of Honor, COD, Battlefield, etc. Just stop it. It's the same game over and over, and the only reason they keep pumping them out, is because 14 year olds with a 360 think they're amazing.

When that time travel/manipulation game was announced, I was really excited. It seemed to be trying something different for once. Then it became clear it was another money grab once they showed a demo (played on a controller) and had all these very specific and limited ways you could "alter time". Making a pile of sticks a crate and getting something from it, is just a way to add another step to opening the damn thing.

I'm so glad companies like Bethesda, Valve, and Irrational are around (for the time being), and still seem to give a shit about quality.
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