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Originally Posted by zombieninja View Post
Fallout New Vegas Is as buggy as reported. I have been attacked by invisible scorpions and have been stuck on furniture in gun fights. Not cool. Also had a glitch where my gun wont fire. had to turn off the game and reload from the title screen in game reloads did not work.
Originally Posted by StereoKill View Post
Got Fallout: New Vegas a couple days ago, and the world of Fallout has again sunk its teeth back into me. It's gonna be the only thing I'm playing for the foreseeable future, (besides some Kirby's Epic Yarn with Hercircus).

So far I'm enjoying the story and characters more than I did in Fallout 3. I also seem to be one of the lucky few *fingers crossed* that hasn't run into any bugs yet.

What systems are you two running it on? I downloaded it for my PC instead of a console. Not really any glitches for me so far. Just noticed enemies getting stuck on rocks and corners and NPC's lips not syncing up, but those are problems that the engine has always had.

I like it so far, but I'm not as immersed as FO3. There's something about that first shot when you step out of the vault. This just hasn't hooked me yet.
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