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Originally Posted by Sheepy View Post
Sounds fun! Just let me know where and I'll show up!
Is it normal for IP addresses to change? Mine ended in .10 but when I tried to log into my server it said that was wrong, so I checked my address and now it ends in .103.

Is this normal? Cause I don't want to have to inform everyone on my server (if I get a couple people on here) every time my address changes. apparently there are no monsters yet in multiplayer mode? That's upsetting, how do you "survive" then if you've got nothing to survive from? I suppose multiplayer mode is just for building cool things and having fun with that? That's cool too, I'm just asking cause if there's a way I can get zombies on here I want some zombies.

Anyway again...anyone interested in playing, let me know and I'll PM you the address.
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