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Originally Posted by skizzbot View Post
Fallout: New Vegas on 360. I don't game on my computer. Loved Fallout 3, and this is more of the same, so I fucking love it.

Played a good 12 hours so far and I haven't had any huge glitches that others seem to be having. So far so good.
Playing New Vegas on PC. First 31h went great, but then amazon finally send me the code for the CE Preorder stuff and after activating it, the Game crashes sometimes...

I'm up to 40h Gametime, game was released friday in Germany. I'm lvl 30 but theres still lots to explore und quests to do ... love it

It's a bit different from Fallout 3, but some things are better (companions, more weapons etc), the story arc from Fallout 3 felt more urgent though. Simply picking a side and doing stuff for them just doesn't feel like the usual save the world stuff ^^
But anyway... killed house, took control over the securitrons
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