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Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
I don't know what's more sad: you writing this whole post, me reading the whole thing, or me understanding and being bored with it.

It did make me want to bust out my soldering iron, though.
I think me writing all that wins by far. None of it is really complicated though, so I expect tech nerds to be bored, and everyone else to be jostled by the notation.

Sadly, that's pretty much the extent of my low-level comp sci knowledge. I'm not even familiar with a computer as a logic-machine, I only have a guess at how a PC actually works. Highschool assembly class pretty much turned me off low-level computing forever.

I've also never soldered a logical circuit on the not/and/or level, I've only done the diagrams. Do you actually need to buy the gates, or are the basic ones easy to make on your own?

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