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I am married for 19 years as of last week. My wedding started during a blackout.

I drove up to the reception hall and I knew something was odd right away. The traffic lights were out and there were cops out directing traffic. We went in and the place was cold and dark. I found my wife(-to-be) and she was upbeat. In the most upbeat way she could she told me that there was indeed a blackout. Apparently a squirrel had crawled into the transformer on the pole and *ZAP* blew it out. There was no power for around a 3 block radius. She was getting her makeup on in a window, the best light she could find.

The place put candles EVERYWHERE. To the point where I was worried about fire. But thankfully that didn't happen. Guests started coming and they remarked how romantic it was with all the candles! When my friends went into the mens bathroom and saw candles in there too, they knew something was wrong. No one puts candles in the mens room!

The ceremony was supposed to start at noon and noon came and went without lights. The owners of the hall promised that the lights would be on before 12:30! The county electricians were going to take a lunch break at noon, but the caterers went out and gave them $200 to keep working. They did and around 12:15 LIGHTS! Hooray.

The ceremony started at 12:30 and during the ceremony the rabbi quipped, "not once did I hear anyone speak of the demise of the squirrel!"
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