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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
I know this might be Tony's territory but, I saw some crazy deals last night and tonight, and Steam has officially started their Halloween Sale (Oct 28 - Nov 1) and here's some of what's goin' on today:

Steam's Halloween Sale

50% Off Dead Space - $9.99/6.27
50% Off Ghost Master - $2.49/1.56
50% Off Devil May Cry 4 - $9.99/6.27
75% Off Overlord Pack - $7.49/4.70
33% Off Amnesia-The Dark Descent - $13.39/8.40
50% Off Left 4 Dead Bundle - $14.99/9.40 (Or $9.99/6.27 for either L4D2 or L4D)!!
50% Off Plants vs. Zombies-GOTY Edition - $4.99/3.13
50% Off Silent Hill: Homecoming - $19.99/12.54
50% Off Team Fortress 2 - $9.99/6.27
66% Off Nation Red - $3.39/2.13
50% Off Resident Evil 5 - $14.99/9.40
50% Off Ghost Busters - $9.99/6.27
75% Off BioShock - $4.99/3.13!!!!

I missed out last time L4D2 was on sale, but I definitely bought it as soon as I saw it on sale last night, and I've been dying to give Bioshock another try and for $5 I'm probably going to buy it as soon as I finish this post.

Dead Space is a pretty neat game, I've played the demo for it and if you still don't have TF2, after punching yourself in the face, you should get it. There are some other, smaller games on sale right now too, but I just put here what I thought some of you might, maybe be interested in.

I'm not trying to take your job Tony! Honest! Just wanted to make a useful bump for this thread and share the deals.
You did good, kid.

Also of note:

The Graveyard, The Path & Fatale, PC/Mac – Pay what you want

Fascinating games, minimum is $3 but don't be a jerk.

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