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The SAT that most people took is scored on a scale of 400-1600. It consists of Verbal and Math sections and each one ranges from 200 to 800. So yes, the smallest score one can possibly get is a 400. That's not a myth, it's just done that way, and it's just stuff you're supposed to know about because it's in every sat prep book. It doesn't really matter though because college admissions people compare student scores, so everyone could start out at 1000000 points if they wanted to, it wouldn't change anything.

Also, scores aren't linear. At the low end, the difference between 500 and 600 might be 1 question, and at the high end, the difference between 1500 and 1510 might also be 1 question. In some SAT IIs, you could get a few questions wrong and still have a perfect score (because it's scaled by percentiles).

The new SAT consists of 3 secions, Math, Verbal and Writing, each on the 200-800 range. So the new SAT range is 600-2400. It was instituted shortly after I graduated, so I think in 2005-06.

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