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KATG has taught me a lot. Especially about live stand-up. And rules that exist when at stand-up clubs.

(Confession - I still apologise to Liam for filming his show in 07 on my cellphone (double bad) and us assholes semi-heckling)

I know texting DURING a show is rude. Talking during a show is rude.

BUT (ya, you saw THAT coming) we are in the middle of a mobile revolution. The rules are in flux. See Multitasking While Driving

To comedians, I say chill, the jokes will survive rudeness and only helps give you some free crowd work fodder.
Keith A. - Bravo on the nurse call out but I hope your Dad/wife/child wasn't in the hospital that night ( and YES I will take a nurse on 4 beers over no nurse)

To the douchbag comedy club owner in Ottawa who runs the cellphone jammer - WTF are you thinking??!! You might run the best club in all of comedy but messing with public safety for JOKES??!! Announcements and public shaming can go a long way. I hope you get caught and pay the price. Can you imagine?

I work in bars, theatres, arenas and all sorts of public venues and am witnessing the revolution. New rules are evolving.

Example. I hardly EVER hear cell phones ring during shows anymore (April 15, 2010 ??). Message received, in more ways than one.

But from my view in the back of the room at the sound board I can tell you the sight of 100's of cell screens lit up is a POSITIVE sign of engaged, active fans documenting the important moments in their life and sharing them on-line. To the performers, I say take the free marketing and run baby. THIS is the future and I think it is good.


Need cell phone lock down for your art? Make signs, do a (funny) announcement, inform the wait staff and management, well in advance. Laser pointers are cheap and fit in your pocket - stop talking and attempt to blind the fucker - j/k. Start the show with a joke about it. But chill. <see below>

To club patrons - when in doubt turn off you phone for 60-90 minutes and take a trip with the performer YOU CAME TO SEE - right there! See him? The one with the microphone? Grab a pic or post your updates before/after the show.

Live venues for music and theatre are an intersection of all ages, cultures and social norms. Friction is bound to occur. Some people freak about coughers. Some about babies. Some about hecklers, B.O., swearing, perfume use, umbrellas , strollers. Lack of formal wear (??!!Tophats!) Shitty sound quality (oops?) lights are too bright. It's TOO DARK. Why are these seats so far from the stage? I want an aisle seat....I had people at a COUNTRY show wanting me to eject four young (and slightly sauced) fans for, of ALL things, DANCING in the aisle, by themselves. So they removed their shirts and hooted and hollered? WHAT DID YOU EXPECT at a yahoo gig??

And with the demise of many live venues over the last 60 years or so and the rise of people staring at bare walls with flickering images I believe people (points finger at his own self first) have lost sight of the social norms that are required for EVERYONE to enjoy their night out. Performer and audience alike. When I tell people I work in Theatre they still ask me what movie is playing and I have had to explain what live theatre IS. No joke.

This podcast is my final piece of evidence for the greatness of future tech.

Your honour, I rest my case.

But wait, there's more,

"There is nothing new under the sun" OR Sidebar for comedy geeks. MUST READ.

45 years ago the GREAT and almighty Shelley Berman ( you whippersnappers will know him from Curb Your Enthusiasm - sans wig but with Harry Pooter glasses) pretty much had his career ended for decades by a backstage phone ringing. His reaction to it was misinterpreted and blown out of all proportion. The phone ringing destroyed the reality of the scene he had built - I get it. The story is incredible and can be found here:
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