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Originally Posted by sagzy View Post
Going fucking crazy trying to perk up. The fucking game came out at midnight last night and fuckers are already level 30. DA FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! do these people have lives?
No, they don't. Mainly because most of them are 12 year olds who skipped school yesterday to play.

Originally Posted by ThisIsMyUserName View Post
Why is this game a big deal? I only just heard about it in passing yesterday.
The Madden fellas must be making the COD games at this point right?
The Call of Duty games have always been popular, but since the first "Modern Warfare" came out, I think in 2007 or 2008, it has trumped the Halo series as far console FPSes go. People like shooting, and Treyarch (the developer) just happened to come up with a formula of rewards and perks that lures people in to the online.

I personally hate what the focus of online gaming has done to the series, and I would like to see more focus on the single player modes, which for the last three CoD games, has really been lacking.
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