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NFS rage

I just attempted to play Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. I give it a 0 out of 10,000 stars. Do not buy this game. Especially if you were a fan of the classic NFS III (my favorite)

I don't know how it's getting high 80's-90's by the media. I guess once again the consolization of games is fucking us all.

First, every car feels like a tank and it's way too easy to slide out all-the-time. Since the control is so terrible, I played as cops after just a few races as...racers. The whole point of the game is to pick the side you want. Racers play to drive and dodge the cops. Cops play to chase them and stop them with their backup. In the old NFS games, these were actually fun and distinct sides.

For some reason now, the racers also have spike strips, an additional turbo on top of nitro boost, a "jammer", and some other stupid thing I don't remember. Can't have the 12 year olds whining that they can't do absolutely everything the other team can do, so they just threw the whole concept of the game out the window.

On the cop side, you now drop the spike strip behind you instead of having your backup deploy it ahead. The old way meant the racer ran over the spikes and was done. They tried their best to avoid it, and steering them into it was part of the fun. Now, the racers just get minor overall car damage and keep on racing. This method makes no sense unless the car is already in the red, and 1 more hit will end it. Otherwise you have to slow down and wait for it to catch up to you so you can hit it again.
But, we can't have the kids raging because they drove over something designed to stop them, and they stopped. Everyone needs 500 chances to win.

Same thing with roadblocks. Managing to stop a car used to be the end. Now the racer's car literally disappears from a stopped position, and reappears next to/ahead of you already going about 60mph. On several occasions I came to a stop or tried to turn around to ram them, only to find they had magically respawned ahead of me and I had to reset the track. There was no hope of catching up.

There is absolutely no satisfaction in either hitting, or getting someone else to hit roadblocks, spikes, or an EMP. They just keep going like nothing happened. Oh, their "life bar" changes color. Fucking life bars...

I almost forgot, you're blocked from advancing in the police events until you complete random time trials where you just drive to a goal. Ya know, like the racers do? No one to chase, nothing to do. On top of that, any traffic you hit along the way, or bumps into scenery, cost you big. Pretty hard to avoid, when it feels like every car is a 1994 Dodge van filled with cement.
Oddly enough, car destroying crashes don't seem to have any penalties.

There's a free run mode, which for cops should be you stopping random cars you see speeding/racing, with all the cool stuff you've unlocked so far, right?
Nope! You just drive around aimlessly with a siren on the open roads. Again, with nothing to do.
I suppose that's fun if you have ADD and can't keep track of mission goals like "stop that guy".

Finally, I think we all know by now that EA/Activision don't care about quality. This game is blatant advertising for the cars. Each one has a little tag line and spoken sales pitch. They put more effort into showcasing cars no one can afford, than making the game fun. And since everyone that plays games now is apparently retarded, you're forced to sit through all these tip screens and several minutes of tutorials on the menu system when you first start up. I almost shut the game off right there.

It's a shame this is what NFS has become. It now joins the ranks of Madden and COD.
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