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Originally Posted by ThisIsMyUserName View Post
For some reason now, the racers also have spike strips, an additional turbo on top of nitro boost, a "jammer", and some other stupid thing I don't remember. Can't have the 12 year olds whining that they can't do absolutely everything the other team can do, so they just threw the whole concept of the game out the window.
I think that's the part that pisses me off the most about what you said. Reminds me of how people whined about cops in APB having stun weapons and being able to arrest, while criminals couldn't. But then criminals could loot stores, mug people, and trash the living world (hit mailboxes and people and shit) with no consequences. If the two sides are exactly equal there is no incentive to play one side over the other, so in the case of a cops vs. criminals game like APB, there would have been way more criminals.

I still hope the game comes back

Edit: Looks like it will be coming back soon:

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