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Originally Posted by standardman View Post
Oh yeah, don't make me pick up Lumines again! I swear every time Mizuguchi makes something its interesting (Ninety-Nine Nights aside but that was catering to the Dynasty Warriors fans, who have something broken in them) Have you tried Chime? It's a bit Lumines and a bit Tetris.

Something I've noticed with the PC version of BIT.TRIP.BEAT is I get a feeling of motion right to left after I close the game. Probably something to do with a monitor taking up almost all my cone of vision when I play it.
yeah, im playing on an 11 inch laptop, so not so much, but it does get me feeling a beat for sure, and thinking about where i fucked after it's done.

Beat Hazard is also a fucking blast. I highly recommend playing it with Kanye's new album.
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