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Originally Posted by fluxquanta View Post
Sorry I'm not hip to your nerd slang. My point still stands, though, and that was a pretty terrible reply.
Sorry, that was an uncharacteristically jerky reply from me. The problem I was talking about with the game wasn't the scenery or the story or the art direction. It's just something about the NPCs that makes them seem really fake (and therefore as though I'm playing in a world that is inhabited only by robots). I mean...I KNOW they are fake, but it's hard for me to suspend my disbelief.
The term "uncanny valley" refers to the following phenomenon: As representations of people go from unrealistic to photo-realistic, people tend to (naturally) respond to them more closely as they would to an actual person. However, there is a point where the representation is almost close enough to be mistaken for a real person, but off just slightly where the response dips really low.
So for example, you can watch a badly drawn cartoon and have no problem equating the characters with real life counterparts, but if the characters were almost (but not-quite) perfect it would be a lot more difficult.
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