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Originally Posted by Chmpy View Post
I picked up Battlefield Bad Company 2 for $7.
Im glad I paid only 7$ because my laptop can not run this game . Anytime I try to load a multiplayer match it crashes during the load screen. I get no information on why it crashes, it just clicks off as if you clicked the "X" button (or red button for you mac'rs) on a web broswer.

I think I will try to install it on my gfs computer, which means I will almost never play it.

Instead I will be busy busting dance moves with "Dance Central" and I just started a Mage in "Dragon Age". Im pretty excited about Dragon Age, this time Im going to to stick with the game. I have all dlc and the expansion and I really want to become fully engrossed in an epic game via "Oblivion" style.

BTW! Kinect is pretty amazing... Not sure if it is worth your money, but if you had the money and were on the fence, jump over... its pretty awesome.
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