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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Im glad I paid only 7$ because my laptop can not run this game . Anytime I try to load a multiplayer match it crashes during the load screen. I get no information on why it crashes, it just clicks off as if you clicked the "X" button (or red button for you mac'rs) on a web broswer.

I think I will try to install it on my gfs computer, which means I will almost never play it.
BC2 is a pretty gfx intense game. My old video card couldn't handle it even on low settings. What sort of specs does your laptop have? Every so often it will shit the bed and crash to desktop, but it's been rare for me. Does the single player function properly?

Also be sure it's up to date, and since you got it on Steam you can verify the game cache and see if something is jacked up. Worst case, try a reinstall imo.

It'd be a shame if you couldn't play it. It's one of my favorite shooters in recent memory because no fight is ever the same. I found in MW2 it was generally a similar ebb and flow to the matches, depending on the map. And after playing BC2 I hate that I can't blow up that camping whore in MW2, and the wall he's hiding behind...

On a side note, the huey in BC2:Vietnam is pretty fun imo.
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