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I bought my first virtual in-game item with real money and it was, of course, Valve's doing.

It was the Polycount and Winter bundle because it's was 75% off and it's a bloody lot of items.

I think my favourite is the crocodile set for the sniper. Since sets give extra effects, my sniper rifle now covers anyone I shoot in jarate, slowing them down, I have more health and can't be killed with a headshot but also can't get a headshot on anyone else. Which completely changes how I play.

I find myself 'marking' people, quickly shooting them, turning them urine yellow and slowing them down for other people to finish off. Sniper battles are now completely different, since neither of us can get a headshot which actually makes it more tense.

I was cynical about the addition of purchasable items and what they'd do to the balance of the game but it adds a layer of depth where you have to note what the enemy is wearing and the +/- effects of them, all while keeping up with the pace of TF2. It's also a damn good way to pay Valve for the incredible support they've given TF2 and the community for their ideas.

I didn't buy any items for the Spy, honest.
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