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Originally Posted by Baltazaar View Post
And that is why I looove america.
Not that long ago you were all like " Cruel and unusual? These hippies dare calling us cruel and unusual? I will give them something to cry home about... Get me a few bombers and about 50 Tons of Agent Orange for each...."

Now you are just like "Agression? Sure, if there's nuthin on TV worth watching..."

Where are my rednecks that pride themself on Marksmanship? Where are my banjo playing dirty fuckers? Where are my NRA Members?

Is noone going to tell the robot " squeal for me picture machine!"?
Is there nobody with a Colt taped under the remote controll?

This, my friends, is why america will fall first.
You gotta read the whole thread. Us rednecks are on the front end of a string like this one.

Originally Posted by John Galt View Post
Pull out my pistol and shoot it in the face.
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